Getting the Absolute Most out of your Breathe Starter Kit

Posted by Steven Sommers on

    The Breathe Starter Kit brought to you by Habit Supply bundles all launch items on our shop into one packaged rate. Although the package is bringing you high-end smoke gear at an unreal price, the silicone body that makes up all its pieces provides insane ways to enhance your smoking experience:


The Water Pipe

    With The 14” Tall Water Pipe you get a classic straight-tube shaped silicone water bong that absolutely rips. Plenty of space for cold water to smoothen your hit as well as a silicone downstem and straight-tube body that we recommend freezing before every use. That’s a huge advantage of its silicone body, freezing to provide an even better hit without the worry of damaging a glass piece! I personally run mine under cold water before sitting in the freezer, just be sure to not have water sitting in the bottom before letting it freeze.


The Nectar Collector Kit

    The Habit Supply Nectar Collector Kit takes your silicone dab game to its highest form. Sturdy tray/trophy stand allows you to keep your collector and all its accessories organized and secure making it ready for any session any time anywhere. The spacious 4ml container fits snug in the tray as well as the trophy legs that hold the collector. Collector’s hallowed out vase body holds cold water to help provide a smoother hit.


The Spoon pipe and 22ml container

    Spoon pipe’s come in all shapes and colors, some are crazy looking and some are simple. We choose a simple, sleek, stylish look to ours. Your spoon pipe should be your go-to travel piece, needs to be lightweight as well as carry its own weight. With the storage container sitting under the bowl piece you are able to keep your dry-herb and piece all in one. If at home we recommend freezing also! Just make sure glass bowl has been removed before hand.


    The Last piece of the kit would be our 22ml Container. Thanks to this container’s non-toxic silicone body, you can forget about this cracking on or damaging your product when you are taking your concentrates on the go! This container provides plenty of space if the 4ml container just isn’t doing ya right. We don’t recommend putting your container and its contents inside in the freezer as it can expose your product to even more moisture and seriously downgrade your experience.

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